Expedia Group: helping employees find their inner magic

We learned to believe in ourselves […]. Because if you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you too!

Rachel Luff Project Manager Technology, Diversity and Inclusion

The challenge

Expedia Group is an organisation committed to looking after its people. So, we were delighted when they invited us to take part in their Open Learning programme. Run by the Technology, Diversity and Inclusivity Team, these are weekly sessions open to all employeesTo address the themes of change and confidence, we focused our session on Abracademy’s Belief Mindset – a mindset to ignite confidence. If we want to transform the world, we need to transform ourselves first. So, by finding inner belief, people gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Everyone’s full potential can then be realised. And people shine at work, and beyond!

How the magic happened

We wanted to ignite inner belief in the workshop participants. Using magic as a tool, we worked together to discover what prevents them from believing in themselves. Throughout the session, people learned how to align their actions and their words. This creates new beliefs and helps make those beliefs a reality.
Watching and learning magic stimulates imagination and storytelling. In turn, this generates surges in confidence because people are surprised to find that they can perform magic! Abracademy’s favourite group activity – the Magic Lights – is often used as an opener to belief. It’s a simple, but effective trick.
We closed the session by thinking about how to create the right conditions to thrive at work. When teams function well, all the voices within the team can be heard. We encouraged the group to share their new-found magic by performing for each other. Ta-dah!

The outcomes

  • Limiting beliefs are challenged
  • New connections between colleagues are made
  • Participants understand that they have the power to change things

⚡ Success! ⚡


Of participants felt they could embed key learnings back at work


Increase in the confidence level of participants


Sign-ups for 15 workshop places!

Inner Belief

Unlock limiting beliefs and explore your comfort zones.

I am so impressed with the magic and the team activities.The way the presenters presented the topic was impressive.

SindhuSenior Tester

An innovative way to learn about yourself and connect to other people. You'll definitely have fun!

PattyFinance Director

Amazing (and unusual!) workshop led by a bunch of dynamic and positive professionals.

François DréanProject Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion

This workshop reaffirmed that I’m my own biggest enemy and I need to believe in myself first. I feel more equipped to show my magic!


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Inner Belief