The Collective Foundation: leading with magic

It was extremely useful to gain tools. For example how to deal with both positive and negative emotions. And learning how to execute this with your team.

The challenge

The Collective Foundation is an accelerator supporting social entrepreneurs in London. They mentor their entrepreneurs and provide training to help them connect, learn, engage and grow. They felt there was a gap in their programme however, around the themes of leadership, confidence and resilience. 

Entrepreneurs are under lots of pressure… holding the business and leading a team that depends on you. Therefore creating a space for them to invest in themselves, know themselves better and learn to deal with their emotions so that they can lead from the inside out is important.

How the magic happened

We identified the three Magical Moment workshops that felt most relevant for the brief: Inner Belief, Lead With Magic and Raising Resilience. Each of which directly supports confidence, leadership and resilience respectively. So, over three sessions with the cohort, we worked to strengthen and boost their soft skills to help them achieve the positive impact they dream of having with their initiatives.

The aims and objectives of each session is as follows:

Inner Belief: find your inner magic and share it with the world

  • Explore and understand your beliefs
  • Confident to know you can change your beliefs with new words and actions

Lead With Magic: explore your own leadership magic potion

  • Be a leader with integrity 
  • Be true to yourself

Raising Resilience: learn the fundamentals needed for wellbeing

  • Ignite belief in yourself
  • Tools to reframe & improve wellbeing at work
  • Build & utilise support network at work

Our work with the Collective Foundation and their entrepreneurs was a deep dive into core values so they can lead intentionally and authentically, being true to themselves as leaders.

The outcomes

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Explore different styles of leadership and identify what kind of leader you are
  • Gain tools to enable wellbeing and resilience at work

Find out more about The Collective Foundation

Visit The Collective Foundation’s website to find out more about the organisation and future cohorts: here

⚡ Success! ⚡


Out of 5: average engagement score


Out of 5 when asked if Abracademy was knowledgeable on the topics
[Lead With Magic] was specific - or step-by-step - on how to be a good leader. I liked that we got specific tools on value setting and how to handle leadership scenarios.

In Raising Resilience, I found it useful to learn how to reframe and change bad situations.

On Inner Belief: the interactive and engaging parts of the tasks we did was valuable. It challenged how we build beliefs. And I liked how the tasks made us comfortable with talking about internal goals and thoughts.

For me, the meditation time was very valuable

Linking the values to actions in Lead With Magic was most useful for me

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