Cancer Research: beating cancer sooner, together

My WOW moment was seeing how creative everyone in the room was; I can learn a lot from the people around me at work!

Claire HowesonSenior Innovation Manager

The challenge

Cancer Research has three innovation teams – Information, Fundraising and Digital. And one common goal – to beat cancer sooner.
Historically, due to organisational structure, the teams hadn’t collaborated as much as they needed to. They had always worked in parallel, with little cross-fertilisation. However, they knew that together they could move closer to solving one of the world’s biggest health problems – cancer. So, Abracademy’s aim with the organisation was to help the three teams believe in each other and their common purpose.

How the magic happened

To introduce a Belief Mindset, we taught the teams some simple tricks. Participants started to open up. They learned about each others’ strengths and revealed their personalities. This helped them understand the power of collaboration. Everyone has a part to play and overcoming differences is key to solving problems.

We practiced active listening – an aligned team is one that has the ability to listen to each other. They learned the difference between listening and waiting to speak. Active listening leads to empathy, which is necessary for any successful team dynamic.

By the end of the session, the group realised that they have many similarities. And that working together will have more impact in their ultimate goal.

The outcomes

  • Limiting beliefs are challenged
  • New connections made between colleagues from the different teams
  • The group understands that together they have greater power to change lives

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