Barclays: helping a creative team feel creative again!

We can lose confidence in ourselves at work. But this reminded me that clients and other parts of the business can view you differently.

Workshop participantBarclays, Design Team

The challenge

Barclays’ design team are a hard-working bunch of people! They’re up against constant deadlines and an ever-growing workload. So, we created a session to re-ignite wonder and boost collaboration within the team.

How the magic happened

Abracademy works with two key mindsets, inspired by magic: Wonder and Belief. For this session we focused on the Wonder Mindset – to stimulate curiosity and ignite creative thinking. We shared how seeing magic creates wonder in the brain and how wonder, in turn, unlocks creativity and collaboration.

We identified four areas of learning for the team:

  • Head: shift thinking to ignite a new approach to collaboration
  • Heart: open the team up to new perspectives and ideas
  • Hands: improve communication skills to enhance collaboration
  • Spirit: find the wonder in each other again!

To start with, participants experienced wonder – literally! We bamboozled them with magic and illusions. We then taught the group magic to explore the sense of wonder and how to harness it to problem solve, and innovate. We showed the team that, just because they now knew one way to do a trick, didn’t mean that was the only way to do it… There are always other possibilities!

The outcomes

  • Improved communication skills
  • Understanding the power that perception plays on creativity
  • Identifying behaviours that limit creativity in teams
  • Learning new behaviours to enhance creative collaboration
  • Analysing magic to ignite the creative problem solving brain
  • A new skill: performing magic!

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