Accenture: a new box of tricks for the company's facilitators

I learned about reading and engaging with the room, for both emotional and energy levels. I will also increase the amount of reflection I do during my own sessions.

Workshop participantAccenture

The challenge

Accenture’s facilitators wanted to create experiences for their clients that have more impact and more magic. They came to the right people…! Our objective was to identify and amplify each facilitator’s qualities. By sharing our own approach to creating wonder with people, we aimed to teach them how to create different energy when facilitating.

How the magic happened

We designed the Magilitation Bootcamp – a one day course taking participants on a learning journey to supercharge their facilitation skills. We wanted them to feel wonder before diving into the session so we wow’d with some magic and illusion to kickstart the day with confusion and excitement!

During the session, we explored the concept of Belief. We wanted to understand participants’ confidence levels – their belief in their facilitation skills – to identify and experiment with those. In turn, this helped everyone understand where Abracademy’s approach could fit into their own facilitation work.

We also looked at culture and behaviours. This created a conscious and intentional working environment, making sure everyone got the best out of the day.

Part of the learning journey is challenging participants’ comfort zones. Doing something you didn’t think you could do is the first step to believing in yourself a little more. Peoples’ views about themselves shift, helping to overcome fears around failure and judgement. Confidence boosted, participants experimented with their own style of facilitation and finding their unique voice.

The outcomes

  • A Magilitator Toolkit to use in their own practice
  • An increased range as facilitators
  • Improved self confidence at work

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