Because we’re curious about curiosity, we asked a couple of friends and clients questions about what curiosity means to them.

What does curiosity mean to you?
– Curiosity is having a genuine interest in someone or something
– Curiosity is seeking to understand something I don’t understand

When do you first remember experiencing curiosity?
– As a child, probably when I was about 4 or so
– My first memory was when I got my Paul Daniels’ magic set. I saw the trick on TV and couldn’t work out how it was done so I saved up and got the magic set to find out

Has curiosity ever gotten you into trouble?
– Many times! Asking questions usually gets me into good trouble – it forces people to defend their point of view
– YES. But it was worth it…

What do you find curious in the world?
– So many things, but I’m most interested in other cultures
– People and what makes them tick

What’s the most curious food you’ve eaten?
– A plate of stir fried chillies served at a Thai street-food stall – I wanted to taste what that would feel like!
– I ate whale in Iceland (don’t hate me…), which was like a really salty steak

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Did curiosity kill the cat?
– It got him into trouble, but he was so satisfied, it was worth the trouble!
– Cats are very much alive and well, and as curious as ever

What’s the best curiosity-led question a child has asked you?
– My nephew saw a man in a wheelchair and asked me why the man had a roller skate for legs
– Why is the sky blue

What do you find magical in the world?
– My kids; they never fail to challenge my thinking
– Very little I’m afraid ☹

We can deduce that there’s a strong connection between children, cats and curiosity… And that someone needs to attend one of our workshops to rediscover her magic 😉

Anne Brassier
Cauldron Manager

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