Look In The Magic Mirror!

Experience our playful and insightful journey of discovery.

Slow down to speed up!

Magic Mirror is a one day workshop to pause and take stock – look at how people in your team feel, how connected they are to company goals and how collaborative they are.

We know it’s not easy to step away from the demands of work for a day, but this workshop enables teams to get back to work re-energised and aligned. By the end of the day, the group will feel enlightened. People can then take their work to the next level and achieve magical things!

About the workshop

Cost: £9,500 + VAT
Duration: one day
Group size: Up to 20 participants (larger groups by arrangement)
Venue: we come to you, but if you need a venue, let’s discuss!
The team: the workshop is delivered by one of our fantastic facilitators along with a wow-inducing magician.
Magic props: provided for each participant to take home after the workshop.

All our workshops are experiential – participants will learn magic to promote engagement and communication in the group.

Workshop aims:
  • Identify strengths as well as areas for improvement
  • Get a better understanding of one another
  • Encourage openness between people
  • Information to inform strategy planning based on real needs
  • Employees feel listened to and appreciated
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Ask Anne
The neuroscience behind magic

Mirror mirror on the wall

A brief history of mirrors, neuroscience and how this workshop will help you:

Human beings are one of the few species that recognise themselves in mirrors. When we look in a mirror, we see who we are – the mirror is a tool for self-knowledge. But also, and more commonly, it’s also a tool for self-deception. Our ability to recognise ourselves in mirrors is connected with logical thinking and introspection. And for many, introspection is a difficult exercise, one to be avoided!

To keep our left brain intact, we tend to deny and even confabulate what we see in the mirror because we want to remain happy in our beliefs. We don’t want to accept inconsistencies that threaten them. It requires strength and effort to change or modify beliefs. As Joan Didion says: We tell stories to ourselves in order to live. However, it is in the acceptance process that doors to new perceptions about what and who we are can open. Acceptance is critical. We need to know and accept ourselves, accept our strengths and weaknesses. Only then can we start changing and improving.

In this sense, as well as the other symbols and meanings mirrors have had throughout history (think Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised and Snow White’s truth-telling mirror) we can add a new one: the mirror as a diagnostic tool.

Your company’s most valuable asset is its people. It’s easy to forget that and for your workforce to feel disconnected – from the company as well as from one another. We believe all teams have their own kind of magic, but sometimes it gets lost. Find your magic in our Magic Mirror!

How the magic happens

Our workshop blends skilled facilitation with wow inducing magic. We use these two elements to explore, teach and entertain. This methodology allows us to tap into truths, increase self awareness and look at the group dynamics.


Create a workplace where your employees can be courageous. Allow them to be themselves, reveal their personalities and unlock their potential.

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Nice idea in theory, but one that often slips away under the pressure of constant deadlines. We uncover blocks and question assumptions to open up more productive ways of working together.


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You're pushed out of your comfort zone, but that’s a really good thing. The team has fun together and share their experiences, which makes it a great session.

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