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Blending two worlds: magic and facilitation

By October 17, 2018 No Comments

It’s Facilitation Week and what better time to introduce my passion at Abracademy: Magilitation.

Magili-what?… (I hear you say).

Magicians have been developing powerful techniques that defy limitations in human cognition for centuries. Techniques that leave us wowed and awed. Imagine blending this magical knowledge with the art of facilitation? That’s Magilitation. And it’s where magic happens.

The start of Magilitation

Magilitation was an idea I had on a skills swap. Magicians are experts in human behaviour. While facilitators are experts in guiding behaviour towards a collective purpose. Could they share their skills? Could they help develop each others’ abilities to create a hybrid? And so Magilitation was born at Abracademy. Our magicians train our facilitators and our facilitators train our magicians. Together they develop their superpowers! They also help participants journeys of self discovery and experiential learning. It’s pure magic!

The benefits of Magilitation

Magilitation is a unique mix of presence and performance. This allows us to help all kinds of people find their inner magic. Magilitators give people time to see the magic they have inside themselves. Furthermore, Magilitators provide participants tools to share that magic with the world. For young people, their self esteem and confidence develop as well as creating a space to share their struggles, their joys, their ups and downs. All by using magic as a tool for storytelling.

The core attributes for a Magilitator

I love that at Abracademy we are human in our approach. We encourage the emotions that usually stop at the office front door. We think they’re an inherent part of what your company is. Our Magilitator’s humanity is thanks to their ability to combine facilitation and magic. They can:

  • Create wonder
  • Inspire through storytelling
  • Control audience attention
  • Shift a groups energy
  • Listen compassionately
  • Powerful speaking
  • Work with emergence
  • Dance in the moment

The power of magic for learning and development

Magic is democratic. No-one arrives at our workshops already an expert. Not so far anyway! The playing field is level and everyone learns together. Because magic is visual, it’s a universal language that everyone understands. There is no right and wrong in this learning space. Whatever feelings and emotions people have, these are always welcome.

I see a change in participants when they learn their first magic trick. Doing something that they thought was impossible, provides the quickest mindset shift I have seen in the learning space. Participants are now open to learning. They have successfully stepped out of their comfort zone. Learning happens when we are uncomfortable. Magic makes that discomfort exciting rather than scary. It primes people for learning.

I have learnt that the wonder of magic goes way beyond tricks. Magicians have a deep understanding of how our brains work. They know how we make decisions, how we perceive the world and how we form memories. When you combine this knowledge with facilitation, something truly magical happens. It allows participants to believe that the impossible can be possible. When people learn how to share magic with others, that’s when hope becomes contagious and magic spreads. It really is the most wonderful feeling.

Priya Ghai
Learning Design Lead

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