Ignite Inner Belief

This workshop is designed to help people believe in themselves and embrace change as a positive.


Believe in yourself, embrace change

Magicians have a mantra: If you don’t believe in your magic no one will…

The same is true for people at work and generally in life. This workshops is designed to help people discover their own personal superpowers, to conquer challenges and learn new skillsWith the right mindset, everything is possible!

All our workshops are experiential – participants will learn and perform magic grounded in the concept of Belief.


What makes it magical?

  • Build self-awareness

  • Embrace failure as a learning opportunity

  • Connects teams and improves understanding between people

  • Boost confidence in storytelling and presentation skills

You're pushed out of your comfort zone, but that’s a really good thing.

Charlotte HillenbrandMade by Many

For your company

Take the whole company on a journey of inner belief through a full week of learning or scheduled monthly training. This is meaningful because it empowers everyone to take responsibility, creates a common vocabulary and shows the commitment of the company in dealing with this challenge.

For your team

Create Magical Moments for your team. Design the perfect learning journey using our workshop series. Choose one or several Magical Moments, tell us what you need and we'll help you with the right sessions.

Open Series

Offer this workshop as a self-enrollment course that anyone in the company can join. We can deliver once a week or once a month - whatever best suits your company schedule.

  • Duration: Starting from 3 hours depending on your needs
  • Group size: Approx. 20 participants; larger groups by arrangement

  • Venue: We come to you. But if you need a venue, let’s chat

  • Our team: Be wow’d by two of our Magilitators (magician-facilitators)

  • Magic kits: For each participant to keep and spread the magic!


Let's talk magic