Find Your Magic

Slow down and take stock with our playful, insightful journey of discovery.

Press pause for a day then get back to work, energised and aligned. 

Your company’s most valuable asset is its people. It’s easy to forget that and for your workforce to feel disconnected – from company goals as well as from one another. We believe all teams have their own kind of magic, but sometimes it needs to be reignited.

Find Your Magic is a one day workshop which focuses on three topics to assess where your teams are at: courage, collaboration and connection. By understanding how people feel, how connected they are to company goals and how collaboratively they work, you can move forward with more clarity. Consider this workshop your Magic-O-Meter!


Workshop aims:
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • A better understanding of one another
  • Greater openness between people
  • Information to create a development plan based on real needs
  • Leave employees feeling heard and appreciated

How the magic happens

Our workshop blends skilled facilitation with wow inducing magic. We use these two elements to explore, teach and entertain. This methodology allows us to tap into truths, increase self awareness and look at the group dynamics.


Create a workplace where your employees can be courageous. Allow them to be themselves, reveal their personalities and unlock their potential.

What’s your superpower?


Nice idea in theory, but one that often slips away under the pressure of constant deadlines. We uncover blocks and question assumptions to open up more productive ways of working together.


Your employees should be able to articulate your company’s mission, vision and values. Clarity on company purpose is linked to motivation at work. How connected is your company?…

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All these companies are bringing magic to their workforce

You're pushed out of your comfort zone, but that’s a really good thing. The team has fun together and share their experiences, which makes it a great session.

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