Barclays: helping a creative team feel creative again!

We can lose confidence in ourselves at work. But this reminded me that clients and other parts of the business can view you differently.

Workshop participantBarclays, Design Team

The challenge

Barclay’s Design Team are a hard-working bunch of people! They’re a growing team, up against constant deadlines, with an ever-increasing workload. So, we wanted a session to bring wonder and collaboration back into work for them.

How the magic happened

We wanted to share Abracademy’s Wonder Mindset with the team. Experiencing magic creates wonder in the brain. In turn, this unlocks creativity and collaboration. We explored how to harness the process of wonder to problem solve and innovate. By teaching magic to the group, we created energy and excitement. They learned that, just because they knew one way to do a trick, it didn’t mean that was the only way to do it… There are many other possibilities if you think about it.

The outcomes

  • Understand the power of perception on creativity
  • Identify behaviours that limit creativity within teams
  • Illustrate new behaviours that enhance collaboration
  • Analyse magic tricks to ignite the problem solving brain

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