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What's new?
October 17, 2018

Blending two worlds: magic and facilitation

It’s Facilitation Week and what better time to introduce my passion at Abracademy: Magilitation. Magili-what?... (I…
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What's new?
October 10, 2018

What wellbeing means to me

Is there anything magical about World Mental Health Day? Well, yes. Slowly, but surely, the…
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What's new?
October 30, 2017

A Brassier + Abracademy. It was meant to be.

Magician’s Assistant, however, isn’t one of the job titles I thought I’d be adding to…
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EducationWhat's new?
November 26, 2016

Is there a place for magic in the curriculum?

What a pleasure it was to perform and teach magic to the wonderful students of…
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